Conservation Links

Learn about the Hollister Urban Area Water Project and how it improved water quality for drinking and wastewater (below). The video won a Bay Area Community Access TV Series Professional Creative Award. Emery Hudson, Joanna Cyprys and Shawn Novack produced the video.

Learn about groundwater an important local resource (below)

Learn about our states water supply and issues effecting it (above).

Click on the images or links below to be directed to more water conservation information:

Valley Water Irrigation Scheduler – Type in your address:

State Water Conservation Information

CA Native Plants

Top 100 Low-Water Plants

The WRASBC teamed with the San Benito County Arts Council to display posters in bus shelters and government buildings to bring awareness to water. Local artist created the three posters below to encourage people to use water efficiently and to understand its importance in every day life.

Maximum Performance (MaP) TESTING – a new and better measurement of toilet performance! Click HERE.