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Over half of residential water use is for outdoor landscapes

Reduce water use in your yard by following these steps:

Call the Water Resources Association San Benito County for a FREE irrigation system check. A water conservation technician will evaluate your irrigation system and provide recommendations and do minor adjustments. The technician will adjust your irrigation controller for the current weather and/or season.

  • Consider drip irrigation for your flowers and shrubs. This way, the water goes straight to the roots, and fertilizers and pesticides won’t go into the gutters and storm drains.
  • Give your plants just the right amount of water they need. If possible, group them according to their water needs. And when you plant, use mulch. It will help lock in moisture.
  • You can also look into replacing your lawn with a drought-tolerant landscaping. Below you will find FREE water- wise landscape plans that are easy to follow. You still get to enjoy green scenery and enjoy your yard all while saving water and money. Plus, less maintenance time!

Check out the Conservation Links page. You’ll find information on native plants and a video on how to remove your lawn.

As another alternative, you can also consider hardscaping options such as installing paving stones in your yard. Better yet, check out green products such as a permeable paving system.

Residential Programs, Rebates & Free Literature

Water Efficient Landscape Plans

Landscape Irrigation Hardware Rebate Program

Visit the Water Wise Demonstration Garden at Dunne Park in downtown Hollister (corner of 6th & Powell). Before you go to the garden print out the brochure and landscape plans below: