Why Conserve?

Why do we need to conserve water?

If you have lived in California for any length of time, you know droughts come and go. When droughts come, we all cut back on our water use. When droughts go, it’s easy to fall back into our water-wasting ways. But we can’t afford to do that this time around, and here’s why.

Growing Population

We have the same amount of water today as we did centuries ago, and yet, the state’s population continues to grow.

Delta in Trouble

Nearly two-thirds of Californians receive water transported through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and it’s in trouble. The network of waterways and levees that make up the Delta need significant investment, and even then, too little water flowing through the Delta could hurt sensitive ecosystems. Here in Hollister, approximately 60% of the urban water supply originates from this system.

Groundwater Sustainability

Groundwater is an important local resource. We need to reduce our use to ensure we don’t harm underground aquifers. Our groundwater basin also gets us through times of drought when there is little imported water. The Hollister Urban Area derives approximately 40% of its water supply from this resource.

Conservation isn’t difficult, but it is essential

The main thing to remember is to be efficient with your water use and don’t let any go to waste. The Water Resources Association of San Benito County has several programs and services to assist you with conserving this precious resource.